The Billy P. Story

T H E  T R U T H  H U R T S


The Arkansas Youth Leadership Initiative is proud to present to you The Billy P. Story: The Truth Hurts, a prevention tool to assist in educating youth of the dangers of tobacco and the consequences of tobacco use. By watching this DVD and participating in the activities, youth advocates learn how the decision to use tobacco has cost Mr. Billy his lifestyle, and may ultimately cost him his life.

Our goal is to prevent Initiation of tobacco use among youth by promoting advocacy, and empowerment to influence social norms and polices; increasing youth awareness of the hazards of tobacco, and decrease youth social acceptance of tobacco. We seek to promote cessation among youth and adults by promoting family, parent, and positive role model collaborations with youth organizations.

We are a statewide youth-led prevention program: with a primary focus on tobacco prevention. In 2003, the Arkansas Youth Leadership Initiative’s (YLI) Tobacco Control Youth Board of 53 youth leaders from across the state, designed, developed, organized, and implemented a statewide youth-led grass-roots counter marketing campaign against Big Tobacco called the YES (Youth Extinguishing Smoking) Team!

Because of Mr. Billy and so many people like him, the Arkansas Youth Leadership Initiative will continue to advocate for policy change, increase tobacco taxes, and advocate for marketing restrictions at the point of sale.